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Dr Erin Eggleston - Registered Clinical Psychologist
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Dr Erin Eggleston

Registered Clinical Psychologist - Neuropsychologist

BA (Hons) · PhD · PGDipClinPsych
Member of: NZ College of Clinical Psychologists · NZ Special Interest Group in Neuropsychology · Associate of University Waikato Clinical Training Programme

Broad experience across mental health, forensic, work-place assessment, ACC, clinical supervision and neuropsychology domains born out of long term clinical practice as a consultant in a rural area where wide scope of clinical skills is required.

Working .5 FTE as Clinical Director at QE Health, which includes a balance of clinical, neuro and rehabilitation psychology, typically across the areas of persistent pain, workplace health and brain injury. Holds management role in this organisation and responsibility for the psychological service, and broader involvement in service development across the multidisciplinary contracts.

Extensive experience with formal report writing for the court, NZ Parole Board, workplace medico-legal assessment, ACC, NZ Police, Youth Justice and as Ministry of Health designated Specialist Assessor for Intellectual Disability. I presently write s333 and s38 reports under contract to Hauora Waikato and take instruction from lawyers on other forensic reports on a case by case basis. I have appeared as an expert witness in court for cases involving fitness to plead and neuropsychological conditions.

Expert level knowledge of clinical psychology assessment, including specialist in neuro-psychometric testing and forensic neuropsychology.

Proven record in provision of excellent standards of clinical psychology treatment, including extensive experience as therapy provider across youth and adult mental health and with offending behaviour. Extensive training and experience in cognitive and behavioural therapies.

Specialist level experience as programme designer and trainer for a cognitive-behavioural group programmes, including a skills focused youth offender programme that continues to operate in a youth justice residence and involvement in design of the pain education programme at QE Health.

Ability to establish professional boundaries across multiple roles and willingness and expertise to provide constructive feedback and leadership amongst colleagues, including in my past role as Branch Advisory Psychologist to ACC, as a supervisor of psychologists, my past management role as Principal Psychologist-Department of Corrections and in my current role as Clinical Director, QE Health. Is presently an Associate of the University of Waikato clinical training programme and involved with the supervision and training of interns and placement students together with his team at QE Health.

Completed a three year contract as clinical rater on EAGLES global clinical trial for smoking cessation with psychiatric patients in association with Lakeland Clinical Trials.

Please direct therapy referrals through QE Health

Taking referrals for court work (forensic and neuropsychological assessment) only.


Medico-legal Assessment

  • Used in relation to help determine compensation after a work-related stress or after an injury-accident or traumatic event.


  • The functioning of the brain, including psychometric testing of cognition and behavior, such as memory, attention, learning, processing speed and reasoning.

Cognitive-behavioural Therapy

  • A treatment modality that examines the relationships between our thoughts, feelings, and behavior, and includes learning a range of psychological skills.

Clinical Supervision

  • A formalised process of support, reflection and learning used for professional development and consultation on practice. All psychologists are required to attend supervision.

Offending Behaviour

  • Assessment and treatment of criminal behaviour.

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