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Dr Erin Eggleston - Registered Clinical Psychologist
Taking Referrals

Dr Erin Eggleston

Registered Clinical Psychologist - Neuropsychologist

BA (Hons) · PhD · PGDipClinPsych
Member of: NZ College of Clinical Psychologists · NZ Special Interest Group in Neuropsychology

Completing his training and PhD in 1997, Erin has broad experience in leadership roles across community and forensic mental health, corrections, ACC, primary care, rehabilitation, intellectual disability, pain focused psychology/somatic symptom disorders, and neuropsychology domains. Experience as Principal Psychologist, Clinical Advisor, Clinical Director, Executive Director and Acting CE. Recent Institute of Directors Certificate in Company Direction.

Erin works as a Strategy Group Team Member and Clinician for the Health Hub Project NZ (HHPNZ), an innovative, community based practice, bringing machine learning and data science to inform health care interventions, drive meaningful outcomes, and action a right to health. HHPNZ delivers services in transdisciplinary teams; presently medical, nursing, clinical psychology, physiotherapy, social work and paramedicine. HHPNZ holds a range of primary care, ACC and private sector contracts and innovation grants.

Erin undertakes s38 district court assessments with a focus on fitness to plead and stand trial as well as s333 youth court assessments. His key expertise in this space is forensic neuropsychology. He has a background of experience with formal report writing for the court, NZ Parole Board, workplace medico-legal assessment, ACC, NZ Police, Youth Justice and as a Ministry of Health designated Specialist Assessor for Intellectual Disability. He has appeared as an expert witness in court for cases involving fitness to plead and neuropsychological conditions.

Erin has a background as NZ Police contracted clinical psychologist, doing Wellchecks and critical incident work. He works himself as a volunteer firefighter. Erin is taking referrals for court work only (forensic and neuropsychological assessment) and is no longer taking private therapy referrals.


Medico-legal Assessment

  • Used in relation to help determine compensation after a work-related stress or after an injury-accident or traumatic event.


  • The functioning of the brain, including psychometric testing of cognition and behavior, such as memory, attention, learning, processing speed and reasoning.

Cognitive-behavioural Therapy

  • A treatment modality that examines the relationships between our thoughts, feelings, and behavior, and includes learning a range of psychological skills.

Clinical Supervision

  • A formalised process of support, reflection and learning used for professional development and consultation on practice. All psychologists are required to attend supervision.

Offending Behaviour

  • Assessment and treatment of criminal behaviour.

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