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We support each other to deliver the highest quality of psychological services.

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Our Psychology Is


The best psychologists are collaborative, warm, approachable and helpful.


Your privacy is important to us. We work with you to establish a confidentiality agreement that keeps you safe and protects your privacy and meets the brief of the referral source.


We know the evidence about what works and apply that in practice.


Therapy services include an agreed focus, plan and measurable outcomes.


We match the intervention with your style, strengths and needs.

Thank you for considering psychology.

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Psychologist Profiles

Psychologist Profiles

If you are referring a client of yours please feel free to write a referral letter as you normally would and email it directly to the psychologist.

Alternatively the e-referral form is a quick, confidential option that goes directly to the psychologist you are referring to.

If you are referring yourself, please complete the e-referral form and the psychologist or their admin person will phone you.

Erin Eggleston - Registered Clinical Psychologist | Rotorua
Dr Erin Eggleston

Registered Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist • Rotorua

Kevin Austin - Registered Clinical Psychologist | Rotorua
Dr Kevin Austin

Registered Clinical Psychologist • Rotorua

Dianne Akurangi - Registered Clinical Psychologist | Rotorua
Mrs Dianne Akurangi

Registered Clinical Psychologist • Rotorua

Sonia Andrews - Registered Clinical Psychologist | Rotorua
Mrs Sonia Andrews

Registered Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist • Rotorua

About Psychology and Psychologists

Psychology is about the functioning of brain and behaviour, our emotions, thoughts; who we are and what is important to us. Resilience, relationships, values and motivation are all psychological concepts.

All registered psychologists have completed masters and/or doctoral level training (around eight years at University) as well as practical training in the professional role of a psychologist.

Psychologists are required to keep current with their knowledge of psychological techniques and the science of what works.

The NZ Psychologist Board has a range of resources for the public as well as a searchable register of psychologists

The key organisations to which psychologists belong in New Zealand are the Psychological Society and the College of Clinical Psychologists.

Psychologists work under a shared code of ethics and are required to act in line with the code.

Some psychologists have registration in a specific scope of practice (clinical, educational, neuropsychology or organisational) and others have a general scope of registration.

In the area of clinical psychology, psychologists apply the science of psychology in clinical practice. Clinical Psychologists are experts in mental health and have advanced training in psychological assessment, including use of psychometric tests and structured assessment methods. In addition to their initial training, psychologists develop their practice in key areas of specialist expertise. Key speciality areas include – trauma, offending behaviour, working with the psychological consequences of injury and chronic health conditions, understanding learning and cognitive functioning, workplace behaviour and stress, addiction, understanding family functioning and in infant and maternal health. Psychology has a range of applications across groups, workplaces, systems and within our core practice of working one to one in assessment and therapy.

Private psychological services are in the range of $200 to $320 plus GST per hour.

Assessment is at the higher end of this pricing due to the use of standardised psychometric tests.

Please note, each of the psychologists on this site runs their own business and manages their own charge-out rate.

Rotorua Based

We are a group of psychologists primarily based in Rotorua. We live in Rotorua because we love the place and the people here and have made the choice to call Rotorua home.

As a group we are committed to providing a wide range of high quality psychological services for the Rotorua and broader lakes community.

We acknowledge and do our best to adhere to Te Arawa tikanga.