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George Furstenburg - Registered Clinical Psychologist
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George Furstenburg

Registered Clinical Psychologist

Member of: NZ Psychological Society · Institute of Clinical psychology

George is a kindly and earnest clinical psychologist who is well experienced in the assessment and treatment of a range of mental health, relationship, and behavioural difficulties. He currently mainly works with young adults and adults in his role as clinical psychologist for Lakes District Health Board’s Adult Mental Health Services. He also maintains a private practice from where he provides a range of services to young people, adults, couples and families. His work here ranges from helping couples to develop and improve their relationship, to helping individuals with recurrent and difficult to treat mental health problems. A significant proportion of his private practice time is dedicated to the provision of supervision to psychologists, and a range of other health professionals.

George is trained and experienced in a wide range of psychological interventions. In his current practice he however relies extensively on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and its adaptations, for instance Schema Therapy, for the treatment of more complex and long lasting problems. He also frequently utilizes family or relational approaches to solving difficulties.

George trained as clinical psychologist in South Africa. He and his partner and their young daughter moved to Rotorua in 2004. They, with the addition of son, have lived here ever since. He gained his initial experience as clinical psychologist working in psychiatric hospital settings for children and youth, and working as a police psychologist. He worked in research consultation and community development before qualifying as a clinical psychologist.

George has worked as professional leader and advisor for psychological services at Lakes District Health Board since 2008. In this role he provides professional leadership and support to all psychologists working for this District Health Board, and it allows him to be involved in improving and developing the Lakes Community’s access to high quality psychological treatment services. He is currently involved in a range of projects aimed at improving health professionals’ skills in providing psychological intervention and assessing the effectiveness of such interventions.


Family and Couples Therapy

  • Working with the relationship or family system as the focus of change.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

  • The range of mental health and developmental conditions relevant to children and adolescents.

Adult Mental Health

  • Psychologists are experts in mental health and most commonly work with people with anxiety, trauma, stress and depressive conditions.

Clinical Supervision

  • A formalised process of support, reflection and learning used for professional development and consultation on practice. All psychologists are required to attend supervision.

Psychological Services Implementation and Evaluation

  • A system level understanding of how to run a psychological service.


  • Emotional and behavioural problems arising from experience of traumatic and stressful events.

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