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Dr Emma Shaw

Registered Clinical Psychologist

BSc (Hons) · DClinPsych · MBPsS
Member of: British Psychological Society · Paediatric Psychology Network (UK) · The Society of Paediatric Psychology (APA: Division 54)

Dr Emma Shaw is a registered Clinical Psychologist who has worked in roles in Paediatric Health Psychology, Child Development and Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

Emma provides assessments and therapy for young people with a range of difficulties associated with physical and mental health conditions. For example, emotional dysregulation, anxiety, depression, adjustment to a chronic health condition and chronic pain management. Emma is experienced in supporting child development such as feeding disorders, sleeping, toileting, behaviour and can provide diagnostic assessments for specific developmental disorders such as Intellectual disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Emma trained as a Clinical Psychologist in the UK completing a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at the University of Surrey. In addition, Emma completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Low Intensity Psychological Interventions. Emma completed a specialist placement in Paediatrics Oncology and worked in London within Paediatrics and Child Development, before moving to New Zealand with her husband in January 2015.

Currently, Emma maintains a small private practice, predominantly on Wednesdays and some evenings. She offers a confidential, friendly and professional service for young people and their families. Her emphasis is on improving function and well-being, both for the young person and the family as a whole. She would be happy to talk through any potential referrals to think about how best to meet a child and/or family's individual needs. She accepts both self-referrals and referrals from agencies.


Child and Adolescent Mental Health

  • The range of mental health and developmental conditions relevant to children and adolescents.

Child Development

  • Understanding a child’s intellectual, social and emotional skills to ensure they are reaching developmental milestones.

Paediatric Health Psychology

  • Addressing the psychological aspects of chronic illness and promoting positive health behaviours.

Neurodevelopmental Assessments

  • Assessment of intellectual disability, autistic spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.